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More or less recent impressions from backpacking.

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Flight schedule and some Leh...

  1. July: Leh - Delhi, 26. July: Delhi - Bali, 12. August: Bali - Singapur, 14. August: Singapur - Zurich
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Manali to Leh, day two

The highway crosses the second highest mountain pass in the world, Taglangla (5328 m)...

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Manali to Leh, day one

Without doubt, the road from Manali to Leh is impressive. Unfortunately every Indian (in Manali) wants to see Rohtang pass, the first part of this journey. Hence it started with a (more than) 5 hour traffic jam. If you think Rohtang pass is any special, you're probably misguided. Except you consider a little snow as special as most Indian's do.

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Taking over from Albert Mayer, Le Corbusier produced a plan for Chandigarh that conformed to the modern city planning principles of Congrès International d'Architecture Moderne CIAM, in terms of division of urban functions, an anthropomorphic plan form, and a hierarchy of road and pedestrian networks.

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My India experience started in Mumbai with a cab drive from Mumbai Airport to the Gateway of India at 6 in the morning (including a change of a tire in the middle of the street). Those people inhabiting the pavement just got up around this time; an impressive but shocking start...

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Yazd day trip: Karanagh - Chak Chak - Meybod

Pictures from Karanagh - Chak Chak - Meybod. Right now I'm in Manali India, came up from Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh.

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Stopover between Esfahan and Yazd at Mohammad Jalali's house. I've enjoyed my two days in this peaceful and lovely environment.

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Some new pics, this time from Esfahan. Even found time to add some descriptions. Sitting now in Niayesh Boutique Hotel in Shiraz and if I'll get up, I will go to Persepolis tomorrow...

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Pictures are older than a week, but internet speed is rather slow and coffeenets business' hours are rather limited. Spent the last 5 day in beautiful Esfahan and am now heading to Toudeshk. Updates and some more text will follow somewhen...

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Istanbul to Tehran

Fun with trains

Started on Tuesday 23.55 from Istanbul arrived in Teheran on Saturday morning 04.00. Only 8 hours late...